Professional design and manufacture

of stamps, molds and equipment


  • Has been operating since 1963 as a manufacturer of refrigeration appliances, AB SNAIGĖ, a non-standard product manufacturing company, since 2007. became a subsidiary of UAB ALMECHA.
  • The company employs highly skilled and experienced engineers, locksmiths, designers.
  • The company has many years of experience in designing, manufacturing, disassembling and installing large-scale technological lines, individual equipment, and designing and manufacturing various products.
  • The company works on individual orders with various industry companies and specializes in the production of small and medium-sized enterprises.
  •  Metal processing, cutting and stamping;
  •  Sheet and tube bending, rolled;
  •  Welding of metal and aluminum;
  •  Parts for turning, milling, planing and grinding;
  •  Wire straightening and cutting;
  •  Thermal treatment;
  •  Installation, repair and maintenance of equipment;
  •  Plastic mold repair;
  •  We replace the working parts of casting molds.
  • Plastic molds;
  • Vacuum forming forms;
  • Metal sheet bending, bending and forming dies;
  • Metal products;
  • Technological equipment with the necessary equipment and electronic control;
  • Custom-made non-standard equipment and products;
  • Conveyors;
  • Conveyor systems, belt conveyors, chains, roller conveyors;
  • Mechanisms according to customer's wishes;
  • Work tables, wheelchairs, racks, hangers, etc.


Contact us

Address: Pramonės str. 6 LT-62175 Alytus
Phone. nr.: +370 315 56260
Company code: 300614414
VAT code: LT100002746017


Taidas Sakalauskas
Phone. nr.: +370 315 56260
Mobile. nr.: +370 640 49702

production manager

Vytautas Ališauskas
Mobile. nr.: +370 640 49701

Senior accountant

Vytautas Adomaitis, AB Snaige
Mobile. nr.: +370 315 56245
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